Hi!  I'm Suzan and I live in a very small town in southeastern Pennsylvania. When I moved to Pennsylvania I was living in my sister's home and quilting became a way to release some creativity without trying to move around my sister's furniture!  That's how I became "The Reluctant Quilter".  Quilting initially was not something I particularly wanted to do.  It was something I had to do.  Surprisingly I fell in love with quilting and in turn rediscovered my love of sewing.  I started this blog to share my quilting "hits and misses", occasionally impart some information and (mostly) because I love to talk and the blog really does read as though I am talking directly to you!

A few years ago I purchased my house and started another blog to reflect the interest in my new home.  As I sewed more and quilted more I received requests for a purse or a quilt from friends and co-workers.  Through those inquiries I started another blog for my small business.

Please leave a comment or email me if you are so inclined.  Thank you for stopping by!
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