Thursday, November 28, 2013


Every time I think I will sit down and write a post I find something else that really has to be done. I have been in full blown sewing/quilting/craft mode for a couple of months but it has really hit a crescendo in the past two weeks. I did take some time for just me sewing and made two quilt tops. They will most likely be discovered in my studio after my demise along with about 20 other quilt tops that need to be quilted! Sound familiar to anyone else?!

Today is Thanksgiving and I do want to take just a minute to reflect on the things for which I am most thankful. I am very fortunate to be 61 years old and have both my parents still living in the house that my children think of as the "family home". I am thankful for my handsome and delightful sons. They are both wonderful fathers, good husbands and make a huge contribution to society through the lives they touch as teachers. I am blessed with beautiful, healthy grandchildren and daughters in law that are wonderful mothers and good companions to my boys. I am thankful for siblings that have loved and supported me though all the crazy ups and downs of my life. I am grateful that I have gainful employment at a company that appreciates my contributions and has allowed me the opportunity to grow. I am thankful for friends, old and new, that allow me to be part of their lives as I share mine with them. I know that I am blessed beyond measure by a loving and benevolent God.

Thank you, dear readers, for following along and reading my posts - especially through the "lean" and sporadic postings! From my home to yours, "Happy Thanksgiving"!!

Friday, November 8, 2013

For the Boys (Men)!

Welcome to The Reluctant Quiter and my turn on the blog hop! If this is your first visit to the blog, please take a moment and check out the tabs across the top.  If you are so inclined, I would love to have you follow me!

While I can always find some kind of quilt pattern and fabric to make a masculine quilt, trying to find other things that I can craft for a man is always a challenge. I came across a tutorial for something that I think will both appeal to a man and be very useful - a wood carrier.

(The full tutorial from Fiskars can be found here.)

I purchased a piece of heavy cotton duck and a piece of faux reptile skin at Joann's.

I had originally thought I would use a faux tooled leather but I liked this piece of fabric better. There was a decent discount on the reptile fabric so that was a really nice surprise.

While I followed most of the tutorial, I also made some changes that worked better for me. I tried using my Clover Wonder Clips to secure the edges but found that they were just in the way. Instead, I pinned INSIDE the seam allowance and pulled the pins as I sewed.

Do not pin into the body of faux leather fabric. (The pin holes will remain.) I also used my walking foot.

When I turned the carrier right side out, I used my finger as a pressing tool against the inside seams to help them lie flat. Do not iron the faux leather. The design will melt! When I topstitched I just wiggled the seam to make sure the duck fabric was rolled to the back as I stitched and used the inside edge of my walking foot as a guide. I decided not to cover the handles with the faux leather fabric and simply used the webbing. I used a chalk marker to draw the placement lines, secured the webbing with pins and then edge stitched.

(If I had chosen a different color of faux leather I would probably have covered the webbing but the plain black looked fine against the outer fabric.)

If I had a fireplace (or some logs) I could have styled my photo of the finished product. Hanging it from the fence doesn't have quite the same look!

I took this in the rain and the weird reflections are from raindrops on my lens!

I love the way it turned out and I will be giving it as a gift. I even have my eye on some different fabric to make a few more. I think the next ones will be for two men I know that have cabins in the mountains. I think duck on the interior and a nice "woodsy" fabric for the outer would be really nice and also "manly"!

Please be sure to hop on over and check out the blogs below.

November 8th

The Reluctant Quilter (you are here!)

Monday, November 4, 2013

For the Boys Blog Hop Schedule

The line up of contributing participants for a new blog hop, "For the Boys" has been finalized. The blog hop starts on Wednesday, November 6th. I am up on Friday, Nov. 8th.  Here is a link to the list!

I think this is going to be a great hop. It is pretty easy for me to decide on things to make for girls and women. Boys and men? Not so much! I hope to glean a lot of good male oriented ideas from the participants.

I hope you will follow along!
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