Monday, March 29, 2010

Blogger issues

OK - so it wasn't me messing around 'cause everything is fixed now.  I guess the IT folks at Google got tired of reading bad stuff about Blogger and fixed it!  Now I have to go back and read all the posts that I was trying to read earlier today that were missing photos...

Strange stuff on Blogger

Yesterday I fooled around with Blogger in Draft.  All the cool kids were doing it so I followed suit.  (Or should that be suite?)  At any rate, it all looked good YESTERDAY but now photos are missing, columns are screwed up and (in general) my blog page looks like a big, hot mess.

So...think that Blogger in Draft has something to do with all the issues folks are reporting in Blogland?  (When will I learn to leave well enough alone??!!)  I am going to try to figure out how to get back to where I was.  You may never hear from me again...

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Just pokin' along...

It's been a slow week in the studio.  I am working on a commission piece that (I think) will be GORGEOUS when it is completed.  My only other accomplishment is that I made a couple of burp cloths for a baby shower I am attending.  I am going on a scrapbooking retreat starting tomorrow and returning Saturday night.  Apparently one of the attendees is pregnant with a "surprise" baby so they are throwning a little shower for her.  The baby is a girl so I had fun making these with some April Cornell fabric.

Isn't this fabric beautiful?  I love April Cornell designs.  I especially like them when I find them on sale somewhere!

I never did get that quilt on the long arm last Sunday.  I hope that will happen this Sunday afternoon.  I need to quilt something!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Friday Night Sew In

I didn’t set the world on fire but I managed to get these finished for some of my co-workersIMG_7560In case you don’t recognize them, they are plastic bag holder sleeves (say that three times quickly!)  I also made a couple of blocks that I owe for a group signature quilt, picked out the fabrics I am using to make another diaper bag (Thanks, Dee!) and started designing a laptop sleeve/carrier thingy.  I am making it sort of envelope style but with an adjustable shoulder strap, pockets for file folders and a bag for the power supply.  I may get around to cutting out the prototype but I am not pushing myself in the studio today because….

It is flipping gorgeous outside!!  I brought home some very nice pallets from work that will be the base of my temporary deck/platform in the backyard.  I am planning on doing some weed killing, throwing down 3 bags of mulch and climbing on the kitchen roof to seal the flashing along the side of the house.  (Thankfully I can access that roof from the window in the guest room so no ladders will be involved!)

Tomorrow is going to be a fun day.  I am going to brunch at my non-quilty sister’s and then over to my quilty sister’s house to put a quilt top on the long arm and try a pantograph for the first time.  It may turn out to be a disaster but I won’t know until I try.

Hoping you have a wonderful weekend!!

Friday, March 19, 2010

I'm doing it!!

I am joining the Friday Night Sew In.  I am going to dedicate tomorrow to yard and outside work.  Tonight it is just going to be me, the cat and my sewing machine...and my computer...and my cutting table...etc.  Click here to check it out!!

Monday, March 15, 2010

I couldn't wait!

Just a quick post but I am so excited about this darn thing!  I just designed a diaper bag and I am so pleased with the way it turned out.  It is roomy, has pockets with gussets, a flat pocket for diapers or a wipes case, lots of snap closures, a "Binky" bag and a changing mat.  Isn't it darling and don't you just LOVE the fabric?!  (Best part - sold, sight unseen!!)

OK - I will stop patting my back now...

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Probably more than you want to know…

I have sensitive skin.  I break out in a rash using the strangest things.  For instance, everyone else in the universe apparently can use Mary Kay cleanser because it is hypoallergenic.  Well, not for me!  My face gets bumpy and swollen.  Very attractive.  I also am a woman of a “certain age” and have developed an upper lip hair issue.  No, I am not joining the circus but still it is annoying and unattractive.  Generally I wax my upper lip once a month or so and it if anything appears in the interim I yank it out with tweezers.  One of my sisters uses a Nair product for her upper lip.  products_upperlipkit

I gave it a shot.  OMG!  I now have chemical burns on my face.  It is so bad that there are places with a layer of skin missing.  Did I mention you cannot wash Nair off with soap – water only?  I used ice to reduce the swelling and redness but that hurt like the dickens!  I tried an aloe cream and that made me scream.  I tried first aid burn cream.  Holy smokes!  The only thing that gave me any relief at all was petroleum jelly.  Sooooo soothing.

Until morning.

Now I have a redness and swelling where the Nair had been located, spots of raw skin AND little break out spots from the Vaseline.  I cannot leave this house.  Seriously.

I am now going to dig around for some scarves that I might be able to wrap artfully around my head and lower face.  If you see someone walking around looking like one of Michael Jackson’s kids (only taller) it will probably be me.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Good weekend

Hope your weekend was as nice as mine!  The weather was lovely and it felt so good to get outside for a bit.  So good that I washed my front door!  (White door, winter grime – need I say more?)  I finished my parent’s taxes, cleaned house and yesterday the women in S4 came to my house for our monthly gathering.  I made broccoli cheese soup and the rest of my cooking team brought a layered salad, bread from Stoudt’s Brewery and an apple cake with a rum glaze for dessert.  Good eating!

I also finished Andrew’s little quilt and my dear quilty sister, Julie, sewed the binding down for me. 



No fancy quilting, just a big meander.  It washed up all crinkly and old looking.  In other words, perfect!  It will be in the mail today.  I don’t know if they can put it in with him but I double rinsed it (no fabric softener) so it is definitely baby ready!

I have not been doing too much in the studio.  After finishing Drew’s quilt I have a hankering to sew.  I am going to make up a laptop sleeve prototype and see how it goes.  One of the women in my office needs it and she will “test” my design for usability.  I have also been looking at some scraps in my stash that I think will make a nice, small table topper.  I need more “spring” in my decor!

Have a great day!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Happy Grammy

Can you tell I was teary eyed?  I sang "Big Blue Frog" to him so he has been introduced to the song that I have sung to every baby in our family since my sons were born.  (His heart rate didn't jump up so I assume I didn't scare him!)  The photo was taken on Saturday afternoon.  I drove home on Sunday.  On Monday Chad called and told me that Andrew is totally breathing on his own!  I know there will be challenges and set backs in the future but we have so truly been blessed.

I am working on Drew's quilt.  I decided to do a little patchwork flannel thing that he can have at the hospital when they start dressing him in preemie clothes.  I will have it ready for binding this weekend as S4 is coming to my house for our monthly gathering and I don't want to drag out a machine.

I was looking around blog land the other day and there are a lot of really beautiful and inspiring sewing studio/craft rooms out there!  I am always looking for storage ideas and re-purposing things for the studio.  I have been reading one blog for a while and I love all the ideas on Karen's blog, Sew Many Ways.  If you haven't read her, please go to the link.  She is amazing!

Have a wonderful day!!
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