Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day 2011

To all that have served and continue to serve, thank you.  To the families of these men and women, thank you.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Just a little something I threw together

Last Sunday a few members of the Society of Sexy Sewing Sisters got together at Quilty Pam's house to work on our individual interpretation of a quilt shown on Fons & Porter.  QP has the DVD so I don't know how long ago this particular episode was filmed so I can't give real credit to F&P.  The quilt is based on an Ohio Star with a 6" center block and then doubling the size of the block on each successive piecing.  Each quilter created something entirely different in color, type of fabric, etc.  A couple of years ago when Fabric Mart bought out a quilt shop in Europe, I purchased crazy amounts of Moda fabric at $2 and then $1 a yard.  I picked up a toile, small print and large graphic print from a black and white collection by Sentimental Studios.  I had no idea what I was going to do with the fabric.  When I saw the big star quilt that QP made, I thought it would be perfect in those fabrics.  Others in our group were not as enthusiastic about using the prints with a red for my "neutral" but I bravely soldiered on.  This is the result

This is "use what ya got" photography...I threw the quilt top over the fence and just hoped it would not slide down before I took the photo!  Sure would have looked better if I had ironed it first and done a better job of draping on bottom!
Here's the center block

I fussy cut the center square but the points we just cut willy nilly.
I also cut the toile in the second round particularly and lined up my blocks so the there is a definite top and bottom to the quilt.  I wanted there to be some continuity in the toile so that you could see the pattern.
I love the red tonal.  It is from Bella Notte by Three Sisters for Moda.  I am a picky about points and I was really pleased that the points on this one are really very nice.  I was also amazed that it remained square in each round.  I have no idea how I am going to quilt it but do know it will be on the long arm.  It is a bit larger than I like to quilt on my Janome.  This was a very fast, very "no brainer" kind of quilt top.  It is one of those quilts you can throw together in a group and still manage to talk, eat and catch up on each other's lives.  Because my heart and soul are not sewn into this quilt top, it will be a Christmas gift.  If it turns out the recipient is not "quilt worthy" it won't hurt my feelings too badly!

Quilty sister, Julie, and I went back to Burkholder's yesterday.  I picked up the rest of the red tonal bolt because I love the color and also found some fabric to make a purse that all the women in our group are going to make.  I chose fabric that is very retro - think "1969 Haight-Ashbury hippie dippy love child".  I love the fabric.  It may lead to an entire upheaval of my wardrobe.  Next thing you know I will stop shaving my legs, make 10 or 12 maxi dresses, throw on a pair of flip flops and bake a batch of brownies...

Saturday, May 21, 2011

FNSI results!

Not one darn thing! I didn't touch my machine and didn't even make it into the studio.  I stopped over at quilty Pam's house, had a glass of wine (or two) and didn't make it home until just after nine.

This morning I was up very early and started running as soon as my feet hit the ground.  I had an oil change at 7:30, stopped over at my parent's to help my mom with a couple of things (she had knee surgery on Thursday), went to pick up mulch, zipped over to the dreaded Walmart and then headed home.  When I arrived I sat down at the laptop just to see what I had missed this morning blog-wise.  I read Nancy's post and she wrote that she was on her way to Burkholder's Fabric with some of her quilty friends.  When I read that I knew where I had to go next.  I mean - a chance to meet Nancy up close and personal?  I had to do it!

When I got to Burkholder's I saw a car in the parking lot that I just had a feeling was Nancy's.  In the store I wandered around thinking that I would recognize her as soon as I saw her.  I didn't so I approached a group of women and asked if any of them was named "Nancy".  The ladies told me they were with Nancy and took me to meet her.  I felt like a groupie!  I was so excited and Nancy was as gracious as I knew she would be.  I met Honna, Judy No Blog and Helen No Blog (though she really does have one but it has nothing to do with quilting!)  Everyone was just so sweet and I was delighted to meet all of them.  Judy took a photo which may or may not appear on Nancy's blog in a few days.  You could not have slapped the grin off my face!

So...while I was at Burkholder's I had to shop.  25% discount on everything that wasn't already on special or sale.  Seriously, what would you have done?!  I bought this to make dresses for my great-nieces.  They have birthdays this month.

I am participating Karen's fabric swap so I picked up this beautiful red and white fabric

I saw this collection from PB Textiles and had to buy it.  I know it will make a couple of really beautiful bags.

Because precuts were also on sale, I decided that I need to make another big bag.  I purchased a charm pack and a couple yards of one of the coordinates.

When I got back from fabric shopping I started moving the mulch from the back of the car to the garden using my new yard cart. I dumped out each of the bags and decided to wait until the sun goes around to the front of the house before I spread the mulch.   The sun is so nice to see but it sure got warm in a big hurry!

Later this afternoon I will actually sit down at a sewing machine...or at least cut something out.  Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!

Friday, May 20, 2011

What? Friday Night Sew In??!!

How can it be time for the Friday Night Sew In again?!  I have been absolutely useless in the studio for weeks.  I have been in one of my "poor, poor, pitiful Suzan" moods.  Time to snap out of it!  I am going to sew tonight.  I may not get a lot accomplished but, by golly, I will be up in the studio plugging away.  I owe Nancy, Near Philadelphia a cow block.  I owe my aunt a purse.  I still need to finish the runner and placemats for my mother.  I need to get off my fanny and do something!

If you want to join in, click on the button on my sidebar and sign up!

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