Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Give away opportunity!

Be sure to leave a comment on my blog starting 10/1 for an opportunity to win something special.  I can't tell you what it is until then 'cause it is a surprise.  (I will give you a hint and tell you it is a basket FULL of something!)

For more information (and to see the list of quilters and vendors that are participating), click on the scarecrow!

Friday, September 24, 2010


Not so you could tell here in eastern Pennsylvania! It is going to be 90 today.  It would be so much more understandable if I lived in Alabama or Texas or even Virginia.  I need the cool air to come and stay and not just for a couple of days.  Enough with the teasing!

OK - got that out of the way...

I started quilting one of the baby quilts I pieced earlier in the month.  I am using wool batting for the first time. Oh.my.goodness! I love this batting!

I have been using Warm and Natural for such a long time and I do love the way the quilts feel old and "antique-ie" after they are washed but this batting quilts up so beautifully.  There is a light puffiness in the quilting and is much easier to move on the machine bed.  I have not finished the quilting so I haven't seen yet how it appears after washing.  I will let you know what I think after I complete the final step.

I purchased several bags of this batting just for baby quilts.  I had been wanting to try wool batting and when I saw this
I knew I had to do it!  I think I bought all that they had at my local Joann's store.  I have no idea why it was on clearance.  I love it!

Here's what just a bit of the quilting looks like at this point.  I am going to do a loopy line down the center of the lattice strips and then feathers on the outside border.

You really cannot see the loft but, I promise, it is very fluffy.  I am thinking now that I might want to use wool batting for my Chocolat quilt.  I bet it would be warm and not have too much weight.  Anyone have any experience with wool batting in a large quilt?

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Just got back from my class reunion

This past weekend was my high school reunion - 40th.  I had the best time, saw folks I had not seen since graduation, re-connected with women that were part of my life when I was raising my sons, spent hours with the love of my life and generally acted like I was 18 again!  Here is a photo of our class provided by one of our classmates, Mark Pugh.

(I am ninth from the right on the second row - pink jacket, "blonde" hair.  I hope the official photographer got a little better shot... Looks like there was a lot of talking going on in this one!!)

Another cool thing about the weekend - one of my classmates who lived just down the road when we were in school - is a quilter!  She lives in Virginia but has a son in Lititz which is only about 15 miles away.  We are planning a weekend fabric shopping trip in the spring.

I started quilting a baby quilt yesterday morning and had every intention of finishing it this morning but I overslept.  I think the weekend just caught up with me!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

It's raining!!

I never thought I would get this excited about rain but I surely am today!  It has been terribly dry and the danger of fire (especially in the corn fields) has been high.  I know it will probably only last for a few hours and I am going to enjoy every minute.  (I may go outside and dance around just a little bit!)

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Quick post

Mom loved her birthday celebration in the mountains and we all had a lovely weekend.  Back to work on Tuesday and then on Thursday I picked up my "brother" Pete at the airport.  He flew in from Hawaii to be part of the big surprise party for my mother.  The party was a smash hit and my mother was totally surprised.  It isn't easy to fool her so my siblings and I were pretty excited that we managed to keep everything secret until she arrived.

It's been a crazy past week with no end in sight.  Pete is leaving this morning to return to Honolulu.  (Wish I could fit in his suitcase!)  I am leaving on Friday morning for my class reunion in Newport News, Virginia.  How many years?  40!  (I know - I can't believe it either!)  When I return I have so much sewing to do as I am planning a "Hazelnut Hill" open house in early November.

I have misplaced my beautiful new Canon camera.  As soon as I find it, I will post some photos!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Weekend in the mountains

My mom turns 80 today so we are going here

to "Bear Hollow" my sister's mountain home in Potter County.  My sister and her husband go there quite often in the fall but this will probably be my only trip there this season since I have chewed through nearly all of my vacation days at work.  I am sure the leaves have not started turning yet but the high tomorrow is supposed to be only 60 so I am pretty excited about that 'cause I am so tired of HOT!!

I am taking my sewing machine and Julie is taking her machine as well.  We are going to finish the wedding quilt top for my nephew and his new bride.  I am also taking blocks for another baby quilt. My mother and aunt are planning on sitting on the porch, knitting and just relaxing.  (Julie and I are planning on having them do all of our pressing but they don't know that yet!)

We return home on Sunday afternoon.  Monday evening we are gathering at my sister's house for cake and ice cream with the rest of the family.  What my mother does not know is that NEXT weekend we are having a big surprise party for her with lots of friends and family.  The whole trip to the mountains this weekend is really to throw her off the track.  My "almost a brother" Pete arrives from Hawaii on Thursday evening and my son's get here late Friday night so my house will be full.  I hope we surprise her.  If nothing else, she will be surprised to see Pete.  I haven't seen him in four years so I am delighted all the way around!

Hope you are planning a great, long weekend and (finally) the end of summer!

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