Thursday, August 30, 2007

I am determined today to finish the quilt top from the retreat at Bear Hollow this past weekend. We shared blocks at the retreat and the original plan was to turn them into a quilt using the "Barn Raising" pattern. Never one to leave well enough alone, I turned mine into pinwheels and then sashed them. I ran out of fabric (I know! How can that be?!) so I had to wait until I returned home to get some that matched the sashing. I cut strips last night and started sewing but still have a long way to go. Since we used "fall" colors for the exchange, I also found a beautiful piece of fabric at Burkholder's for the border. Instead of blogging, I should have cut that this morning. If I really rush, I can get ready for work and still have time to drag out the rotary cutter and mat.

I will post a photo of the FINISHED quilt top tomorrow morning!

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