Saturday, February 19, 2011

I had good intentions for the FNSI

I really did.  I was going to make a cover for my ugly, ancient heating pad and work on a snowball quilt.  All I managed was to choose fabrics from my scraps and make the heating pad cover.

I could not bring myself to show you the heating pad with it's original cover.  I actually took the wrong one when I left Seattle.  I took the old one and left him the nice one with the extra pad that you can dampen for moist heat.  (I am nice like that.)

This is a close up of the quilting which is pretty ordinary but I do like the thread choice.  I also like big, loopy meandering when I am in a hurry to quilt something...especially something utilitarian.

Today I am going to finish one baby quilt and start a second.  The second will have Minkee on the back and I am totally freaked about working with that fabric.  I will not have the opportunity to get it on the long arm until next Thursday and then I am taking it to Virginia on Friday.  Hopefully I will have some quiet time to finish the binding before Drew's birthday party on Saturday afternoon.

When Andrew's brother, Alex, was born I made the christening outfit.  Alex was baptized at 6 months and looked adorable in his outfit.  They tried it on Drew and he will also be able to wear it for his baptism next Sunday...minus the hat.  He apparently hates the hat.  I am ok with that mostly because at a year he would probably look goofy with the hat.  I am just thrilled that he will be able to wear the romper and jacket.  I will have photos of that next weekend because the outfit is just too cute!

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!


  1. Love your heating pad cover... the fabrics, the colors, AND the loopy quilting... perfect!

  2. I pretty much bombed on the snowballs too. It obviously wasnt meant to be.

    I love the heating pad cover too...I'd be flipping cartwheels if I could loopy meander anything...

    I hope you have a fantastic time next weekend.

  3. Your heating pad turned out wonderfully and the quilting excellent!

  4. Beautiful even stitches! I like the quilting with the loops.

  5. what a great cover!! I could do that... have plenty of scraps, LOL

  6. It's neat to get a project completed in an evening, isn't it? These FNSIs are a great idea!

    I love your heating pad cover. Great color combination.

  7. love the fabrics!! Great color choice!


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