Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Lots of orders means

more fabric!!  Though the women chose from my stash for their purse/accessory orders, I still needed accent fabrics or additional fabrics to make everything.  Yesterday was the last day I could use my coupon at Burkholder's so after I finished work I picked up my sister and we headed over the mountain.

I had the brown fabric in my stash but needed something to match that weird lime green polka dot.  I think the dotted fabric I found works beautifully.

I already had the brown floral and picked up the variegated dot fabric to use in a diaper bag order.

I bought the purple floral back when they had the big cotton close out at Fabric Mart about 2 years ago.  Naturally, I had nothing in my stash that worked with it.  Found these two purples and now have to decide which bag gets which shade of purple.

Now, just because I never met a red tonal 3 Sisters for Moda fabric that I didn't like, I had to buy this

Don't know what I will use it for but use it I will!

Lastly, I need more of this fabric.  I know that I saw it somewhere in the past 2 months but it wasn't Burkholder's.  It came out back in 2010 so I realize the chance of finding any will be slim.  Do you have a piece in your stash?

I have two other coordinating pieces that I will use in the bag but this border print is only about 18" wide and I need at least 27" for the bag.  I can do it if I run the print vertically but the customer would prefer that the floral run horizontally.  The fabric is Zenith by Kathy Hall for Andover Fabrics.  The item code is 3701.  If you have about a yard please let me know.  I have a checkbook and I am not afraid to use it!


  1. Your fabrics are beautiful! As for the fabric you are looking for, as long as you know the manufacturer, and maybe the name of the fabric, try ebay. If you don't know the manufacturer or designer, just try searching by color or description and hopefully you will find it!

  2. Here's link to Quilt in a Day, they have just a little left. I'm not sure from the screen what those colors are in yours. Hope it works out.


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