Thursday, December 29, 2011

This week...

It was back to reality (to a degree) on Tuesday.  The very best part of my week is that my granddaughter, Emily, is staying with me until I take her home to Virginia on New Year's day.  She went to work with me on Tuesday, did all my filing and then hung out with a co-worker's son.  They had a Harry Potter movie marathon in our conference room, played cards and generally enjoyed each other's company.  Good thing because they are spending the day together at my office again today!

This was Emily's BIG Christmas gift

She has been coveting mine for about 2 years.  She loves this machine with all the little bells and whistles.  She also received lots of sewing "goodies" and several gift cards for Joann's and a gift card to spend at Burkholder's Fabric.  Guess where we are going on Saturday!  The machine is out of the box but we have not had time or opportunity to set it up.  I don't think Emily ever threaded mine or ran a bobbin.   We will be practicing those things so that she will be able to use her machine at home without Grammy standing by.

I always enjoy the 12 days of Christmas and it makes me sad to see so many trees on the curb the day after Christmas.  I love this time of calm and reflection.  I hope you are enjoying your time as well.


  1. Oh, I am SO with you about the 12 days of Christmas! I know folks who trash their trees on the morning of December 26. *sigh* We leave our home decorated through Epiphany (the feast of the 3 kings). What a GREAT gift for your granddaughter. (I also have one named Emily AND I am called Grammy, too.) It's terrific that she enjoys the same hobby as you do!

  2. How nice that you get to spend this time with your granddaughter! It is great that she enjoys sewing. My step daughters 15 and 18, just think that I am wierd for sewing all of the time, but they sure don't complain when they need something to cover up with. LOL!

  3. Just look at that beautiful smile. Wonderful that you are able to pass on the tradition.
    Happy New Year Suzan

  4. I was just roaming around blog hopping and found you. She's going to love the machine! I have one. Took a bit of getting used to having the default needle position always to the left of center (setting 00). I usually use it on stitch 37 (right of center) or 01 centered. Clean in and behind the bobbin case often- the machine is a bit fussy about lint and will skip stitches. Glad you are passing along your skills!


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