Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Picnic quilt for the blog hop

I have started on the picnic quilt for a blog hop. I am using a variety of vintage sheets for this little quilt. I started cutting a couple of weeks ago but since the date of the hop moved to early June, I quit working on the quilt. May is slipping away so I picked up my squares and started working again.

I am making 11" pinwheel blocks using 9" squares of fabric. I am using the HST sewing and cutting technique made famous by Jenny from Missouri Star Quilt Company. Have you tried it? You do end up with bias edges (which I heavily spray starch) but it is so much faster and I am all about fast!

Here are two stacked 9" blocks with the 1/4" sewn around the edges.

Now I just cut across diagonally from corner to corner twice.

Gently roll back the top fabric and press...and hit it with spray starch!

Here is a completed block.

Only 19 more to go!


  1. Cant wait to see this beauty in all her glory. Im a huge fan of anything made from vintage sheets!

  2. Love it! And perfect points!


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