Tuesday, September 23, 2008


I tried...I really gave it a valiant effort but the studio wasn't finished. Every other room looked good - quilts hung, fall decor out, etc. I just could not finish the studio. I did manage to get it "presentable" in that most of the stuff was up off the floor and had mostly found a home (at least temporarily). I still have not decided on a final furniture placement.

I had a huge problem when I put Jenny in place on the sewing table. I could not find the quilting table attachment. I was frantic. I knew that nothing was left in the apartment but where could it be? I opened drawers, went through EVERY large plastic container in the basement and dug through everything in the storage under the eaves. My last thought was that maybe someone had put it into my antique blanket chest. As I went into my bedroom to open the chest, I had an "ah ha!" moment and looked under my bed. There it was! I did the dance of joy and then ran (ok, I use the word "ran" very loosely) up to the studio and finished setting up Jenny. I still have not sewn a stitch but I absolutely will this weekend...after a trip to the vet with Gracie and a trip to Garden Spot and a lunch date with my Mom.

I know that posts without photos are boring. The camera is on the first floor. I am on the third floor right now. Need I say more?


  1. it's coming...won't it be nice when you are all settled in:)

  2. What? YOu've got stuff on the walls? ALL OF THEM?? OMG, I have hung like 4 things...I have hanging anxiety.

  3. I'm so very pleased you've got Jenny set up - now your house is truly a home!
    Moving can be such a pain, but once you're settled in, it was worth all the trouble. It sounds to me like you're almost there....good for you!


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