Friday, April 9, 2010

Be still my heart…

Out here in the hinterlands, it takes very little to excite me.  (I LIVE for the day they deliver the Joann coupons in the mail.)  We have no Macy’s, no IKEA, no Nordstrom’s unless you drive for miles and miles and miles.  Try to imagine my excitement when I heard on the radio that they are bringing something new to the Lebanon Valley Mall.  It is going to fill the spot that JC Penney used to occupy – years ago.  (I told you – this is the hinterlands!)  We are getting a

Hobby Lobby Logo

!!!  If you read any crafting, DIY or decorating blogs, you know why I am so excited.  I am a closet crafter.  I am a closet decorator.  I like to hang plates on my walls. I like to make girly wreaths.  I like to scrapbook and knit.  (This is why I never get any quilting finished!)

The new store opens in June.  I may camp in their parking lot for opening day.


  1. Hobby Lobby's headquarters are in Okla City...abiout 55 miles from where we live...the closest store is about 30 miles...wish we had one closer - but I probably have more money than if one were closer.

    They do have some beautiful items.

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Oh Great! I love that store. I was in one when we went on vacation and I thought that it was probably good that they hadn't opened one near me. So much inspiration-too much inspiration and sadly, for me, so many pretty shiny things to distract me from the 1000 other things I have started that reside in the Closet of Shame.
    Love the pics of the younguns. Good looking family Suzan.

  3. You need to dial 911 when it opens.....your heart may fail fun!!

  4. You will love it! My mom works at the one here and I have to say I love the 40% off coupons.

  5. You will love it! My mom works at the one here and I have to say I love the 40% off coupons.

  6. Don't feel too bad Suzan, we don't even have Joann's in Canada! I was in my first Hobby Lobby on a recent trip to Dallas and I can understand why you are so excited. I LOVED the store and if you couldn't find it there, they probably don't make it!

  7. Oh wow!!! Ours is on the other side of the county - so we make it a shop hop field trip destination from time to time - so much fun!!!


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