Sunday, December 5, 2010

Making my head hurt

Have you ever been asked to make something that so goes against the grain that it makes you absolutely dread doing it?  Someone has asked me to make a diaper bag out of camo fabric (and wants the inside "girly"). Can you imagine? Is there such a thing as pretty camo fabric? If there is, I haven't found any. I picked up some at Joann's yesterday but I can barely stand it!  I choose a sage green fabric with a tiny chocolate dot to use for the changing pad. I decided to line it in a very neutral beige because I simply could not put anything remotely "girl" for the lining. I think they will like the finished product. I won't! This is the most hideous thing I have ever made. I will share photos when it is completed.

Christmas decorating has begun at my house. It will be a really long process this year as I am "keeping" Advent and the tree will not go up until December 19th. I have started putting out my Christmas houses and some of my Holy Family collection. I am also waiting to put out my nativity collection until the 4th Sunday in Advent.  I keep my Christmas decor up until Epiphany so I will have plenty of time to enjoy it.

I have been a member of choirs since I was a child. I had an illness about 10 years ago that took a toll on my vocal chords and I lost a lot of range at that time so I no longer am able to sing in a choir. I do, however, appreciate the music so much and this time of year, I miss singing more than you can imagine. My DIL sent me the link for this wonderful celebration of song and season.  Enjoy!!


  1. I simply will not make hideous things. Well not on purpose.

    You can get pink camo fabric....

  2. I feel ya and it has the tendency to make me physically sick.

    I loved the video!!! That might just be the highlight of my day. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I too was going to say you can get Pink camo, still hideous though.

  4. Have a heart, maybe the daddy has to carry the diaper bag sometimes.


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