Saturday, November 27, 2010

Black Friday Shopping

I don't "do" Black Friday shopping any longer.  As I have gotten older, the long lines to get in, long lines to check out, crazy parking lot, etc. just isn't worth the time and effort.  If I am going to shop on Black Friday it is very selectively.  This year it was Joann's at 6am when the doors opened.  Here was the lure

The Cricut Personal Electronic Cutter Machine - Retail (on the Cricut site) $179.  Price at Joann's - $59.99.  I could NOT buy it.  I don't even know when I am going to find the time to use it but I HAD TO HAVE IT!  While I was there I also bought some other goodies that were sale items

The fabric stack on the right is for a quilt for Drew.  I am going to use flannels for the quilt top and back it with Minkee.  (Pray for me.)  In the stack of fabric on the left there is a piece of home dec for an order, lining fabric for Christmas bags and the fuzzy stuff on top that looks like Elmo's fur is to make scarves.  Karen had a tutorial on her blog last year and I made them for my nieces.  (So soft, fluffy and EASY to make!)  I bought the crayons because I am a crayon freak.  The thread was BOGO and you can never have enough thread!

These are my favorite pins

They are sharp as the dickens, go through fabric like butter and the heads don't melt.

I needed buttons for bags and these were also BOGO

Aren't those glass buttons gorgeous?  I like using the recycled plastic buttons on the batik cell phone cases and I love the texture of the "Organic Elements" buttons.

This morning I am picking up my sister at 6:30 since Joann's opens at 7 and we are going to do a little more shopping.  I want a "ribbon ladder" and the fusible interfacing that is a door buster.  Julie needs tulle and that is also a door buster this morning.  When we get back I am helping her get ready for the annual children's Christmas tea party at her house.  I will be cutting more tulle.  I have already cut 280 strips for tutus.  I think we need another 100 or so.  The theme this year is "Nutcracker Suite".  The little girls will be making waltz length tutus for their craft (with mommy and grandmother's help) and then making up a dance to perform.  I love these tea parties.  My sister has the best ideas!  I won't be staying  this year since I don't have any grandchildren with me this year and it would be too depressing but I am sure everyone will have a wonderful time.

Hope your weekend is happy and productive!


  1. Wow! You hit the jackpot! So many goodies! I love those pins too, they are what I use.

    Have a wonderful day.

  2. really makes me sick to see all the sales now on the Cricut...I have the one you just purchased and also the Expression and a Cuttlebug...I love to play with them all...You will just have soo much fun and loose yourself in papercrafting with the Cricut.......

  3. What a haul load!! Great job and I love the tutu idea for the party. What fun. I too, love tea parties.

  4. those pins are the best! and I love the buttons; great finds.

  5. Yikes...I went looking for a cricut original here and they're $490.00. I daresay that means I wont be seeing one in my local store for the bargain price of $59.95 any time soon.

    Glad you had fun, and I loved peeking at your haul.

    The big sales in Australia occur after Christmas. Waiting, waiting, waiting ...

  6. You did get some great deals! Enjoy them!

  7. Wow, Suzan--you really got some great baragins, and I'm glad I didn't set foot in that store! I couldn't have afforded to spend it on me!

  8. you said... I am going to use flannels for the quilt top and back it with Minkee. (Pray for me.)

    Been there, praying, LOL!!!


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