Friday, May 20, 2011

What? Friday Night Sew In??!!

How can it be time for the Friday Night Sew In again?!  I have been absolutely useless in the studio for weeks.  I have been in one of my "poor, poor, pitiful Suzan" moods.  Time to snap out of it!  I am going to sew tonight.  I may not get a lot accomplished but, by golly, I will be up in the studio plugging away.  I owe Nancy, Near Philadelphia a cow block.  I owe my aunt a purse.  I still need to finish the runner and placemats for my mother.  I need to get off my fanny and do something!

If you want to join in, click on the button on my sidebar and sign up!


  1. We all need a break sometimes. Don't beat yourself up. Have fun in the studio tonight!

  2. get up and get movin' girlie!! Now that it's Sunday morning, and I'm catching up on the blogs....


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