Saturday, May 21, 2011

FNSI results!

Not one darn thing! I didn't touch my machine and didn't even make it into the studio.  I stopped over at quilty Pam's house, had a glass of wine (or two) and didn't make it home until just after nine.

This morning I was up very early and started running as soon as my feet hit the ground.  I had an oil change at 7:30, stopped over at my parent's to help my mom with a couple of things (she had knee surgery on Thursday), went to pick up mulch, zipped over to the dreaded Walmart and then headed home.  When I arrived I sat down at the laptop just to see what I had missed this morning blog-wise.  I read Nancy's post and she wrote that she was on her way to Burkholder's Fabric with some of her quilty friends.  When I read that I knew where I had to go next.  I mean - a chance to meet Nancy up close and personal?  I had to do it!

When I got to Burkholder's I saw a car in the parking lot that I just had a feeling was Nancy's.  In the store I wandered around thinking that I would recognize her as soon as I saw her.  I didn't so I approached a group of women and asked if any of them was named "Nancy".  The ladies told me they were with Nancy and took me to meet her.  I felt like a groupie!  I was so excited and Nancy was as gracious as I knew she would be.  I met Honna, Judy No Blog and Helen No Blog (though she really does have one but it has nothing to do with quilting!)  Everyone was just so sweet and I was delighted to meet all of them.  Judy took a photo which may or may not appear on Nancy's blog in a few days.  You could not have slapped the grin off my face!

So...while I was at Burkholder's I had to shop.  25% discount on everything that wasn't already on special or sale.  Seriously, what would you have done?!  I bought this to make dresses for my great-nieces.  They have birthdays this month.

I am participating Karen's fabric swap so I picked up this beautiful red and white fabric

I saw this collection from PB Textiles and had to buy it.  I know it will make a couple of really beautiful bags.

Because precuts were also on sale, I decided that I need to make another big bag.  I purchased a charm pack and a couple yards of one of the coordinates.

When I got back from fabric shopping I started moving the mulch from the back of the car to the garden using my new yard cart. I dumped out each of the bags and decided to wait until the sun goes around to the front of the house before I spread the mulch.   The sun is so nice to see but it sure got warm in a big hurry!

Later this afternoon I will actually sit down at a sewing machine...or at least cut something out.  Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!


  1. That that makes for a successful day!

  2. Speaking for the Executive Committee, Suzan, it was our pleasure to meet up with you! What a delight!

  3. Fabric buying, meeting a celebrity and all that other stuff sure sounds like a busy day.

    Oh and as for FNSI - I bet you did some thinking about quilting over Friday night wine so that counts as creative planning...

    I didnt do a thing for FNSI this month either.

  4. I am SOOOOOO jealous that you two got to meet!!! How cool is that?!!

  5. Really love the browns! Sounds like the perfect day!

  6. It's a good thing I don't live anywhere near you or I'd be in serious trouble. Those fabrics, especially the red & white are just gorgeous. So glad you got to meet Nancy - I'd be a groupie too!


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