Sunday, February 26, 2012

Busy, busy, busy

I took off a couple of afternoons this past week to do a little catch up on housework and do some fun shopping.  My biggest accomplishments were taking down the Christmas tree (don't judge!) and moving some furniture around in the living and dining rooms. Because I was feeling so good about finally getting the big monkey off my back, I spent Friday afternoon having lunch with my quilty sister and then going to Hobby Lobby.  We love that place and rarely find the time to drive the distance to shop.  Armed with a couple of 40% discount coupons we spent a little over two hours wandering, putting "have to have this!" items in the cart and basically touched darned near everything we saw!  We had a grand time.  There was an 80% off clearance section that we searched through pretty thoroughly.  I found sweet ceramic knobs reduced from $5 down to 80 cents that are perfect for the re-purposed baby changing dresser I use in the studio.

 I also picked up a few pieces of fabric that were so cheap I had to put them in my basket.  Nearly everything that I wanted was already reduced so I used my coupon to purchase the new "Quilts and More" magazine from BH&G.  I love that magazine but will do just about anything not to have to pay retail for it!

Quilty sister and I spoke on the phone very early on Saturday morning and decided to spend all day together.     The snow started coming down like crazy on our way to Burkholder's but there was no way to stop two women on a mission!  I had a piece of the clearance fabric from Hobby Lobby with me and I was on a hunt for fabrics to make a baby quilt.  I found these and I think I may be in love.

The focus fabric is the green and pink print just above the pink polka dot. 
It was a lot of fun going up and down the aisles looking for the perfect pieces to compliment the focus fabric. I honestly can't wait to start this little quilt!

I also already had a pink and chocolate toile with bunnies on it that I want to make a couple of runners for the dining room table and hutch.  I found just two so far.  The pink is a really odd shade and the chocolate brown is also a hard one to match.

I think these will work but I am going to continue to hunt for 2 more pieces.

Last on my fabric shopping list was a piece of Kona cotton in a perfect shade of yellow to match some Batman fabric I had picked up.

I am making pillow cases for my grandchildren for Easter.  We have a Batman fanatic in the family!

This has been a wonderful weekend.  It's going to be really difficult heading off to work tomorrow morning!


  1. great fabric finds!!! can't wait to see what they turn into!!! We are finally through the month of birthday parties and I feel like I can get back to some sewing again... after I clean house!

  2. Oh I love your fabric but those browns are wonderful!

  3. Love the focus fabric for the baby quilt. In fact I made a quilt out of that with pinks a while back!

    Sounds like you had a fantastic day out with your sister. I love everything you picked up , and anything on sale is even better.

  4. Great fabric choices. I love all the colors. Sounds like you had a great time with your sis....cherish it. My quilty sister lives far away in another state and I wish we were lived closer together. But we find ways. Virtual quilting and shopping has become our way through computers, texting, and picture sharing. Have fun sewing your projects together.

  5. Beautiful fabrics for the baby quilt! Isn't i t nice to have a quilty sister? I have 1, with 2 others semi-interested who also buy fabric. At least 2 of us usually make it to Lancaster for the now AQS quilt show, but not last or this year. Went to Burkholders for the first time 2 years ago, and loved the shop! Everyone was friendly, and we finished the trip with some BBQ chicken. Definitely will go again, though they were a bit further into the outback than I was expecting. A lovely drive.

  6. LOL!!! Just getting the tree down!! Good to know I'm not the LAST one!! teasing you here....

    Your fabrics are fabulous!! Sounds like you and your quilty sister had a great time! Good for you!


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