Thursday, February 16, 2012

What a difference a little RAM makes!

My "antique" eMachine computer has been running slower and slower and s l o w e r.  First I thought it might be some kind of malware but I have Norton Anti-Virus and all the snazzy stuff that comes with it.  I pulled some files off my start up menu, cleaned the registry and it was a little faster but not much.  I finally decided the old girl needed some additional memory...not unlike her owner!  One gigabyte later and my computer is running so much faster.  I ordered the RAM on Monday from a company in California.  They didn't charge any shipping fees and the product arrived on Wednesday.  Crazy fast!

On to quilty stuff!  Here's a peek at the quilt top for the daybed in the studio.

I have it over the blue and white quilt on the bed now so the shadows you see in the white are coming from the other quilt.
It is ready for the long arm and I really hope I get it loaded this weekend though I may get distracted.  I have  furniture to move up from the basement and some re-arranging to do in the studio over the weekend.  I may have to enlist the aid of a couple of young folks with good backs.  I have lots of plans and only 48 hours.  Wonder how much will actually be completed?!


  1. Loving your quilt!

    Ahhhhh, computers. Yes, a little more ram does wonders, but if you want to spend less on your computer, try Microsoft Security Essentials. It is from Microsoft, and FREE, and it doesn't use many utilities and drag down your computer. It runs silently in the background, updates itself, and life goes on. I have used it for a few years on all of our computers and have not had any problems. I have used other free AV's and I like this one the best.

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Love your quilt Suzan! We are needing new ram too;just toooooo slow.


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