Friday, September 3, 2010

Weekend in the mountains

My mom turns 80 today so we are going here

to "Bear Hollow" my sister's mountain home in Potter County.  My sister and her husband go there quite often in the fall but this will probably be my only trip there this season since I have chewed through nearly all of my vacation days at work.  I am sure the leaves have not started turning yet but the high tomorrow is supposed to be only 60 so I am pretty excited about that 'cause I am so tired of HOT!!

I am taking my sewing machine and Julie is taking her machine as well.  We are going to finish the wedding quilt top for my nephew and his new bride.  I am also taking blocks for another baby quilt. My mother and aunt are planning on sitting on the porch, knitting and just relaxing.  (Julie and I are planning on having them do all of our pressing but they don't know that yet!)

We return home on Sunday afternoon.  Monday evening we are gathering at my sister's house for cake and ice cream with the rest of the family.  What my mother does not know is that NEXT weekend we are having a big surprise party for her with lots of friends and family.  The whole trip to the mountains this weekend is really to throw her off the track.  My "almost a brother" Pete arrives from Hawaii on Thursday evening and my son's get here late Friday night so my house will be full.  I hope we surprise her.  If nothing else, she will be surprised to see Pete.  I haven't seen him in four years so I am delighted all the way around!

Hope you are planning a great, long weekend and (finally) the end of summer!


  1. Such a pretty home...have fun with all the talking, sewing and eating.

  2. Potter County is a lovely place ...enjoy your visit.

  3. Happy birthday to your mom. Have fun with the family. Winona

  4. I've never been there but I'd love to go sometime to that part of PA.


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