Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Quick post

Mom loved her birthday celebration in the mountains and we all had a lovely weekend.  Back to work on Tuesday and then on Thursday I picked up my "brother" Pete at the airport.  He flew in from Hawaii to be part of the big surprise party for my mother.  The party was a smash hit and my mother was totally surprised.  It isn't easy to fool her so my siblings and I were pretty excited that we managed to keep everything secret until she arrived.

It's been a crazy past week with no end in sight.  Pete is leaving this morning to return to Honolulu.  (Wish I could fit in his suitcase!)  I am leaving on Friday morning for my class reunion in Newport News, Virginia.  How many years?  40!  (I know - I can't believe it either!)  When I return I have so much sewing to do as I am planning a "Hazelnut Hill" open house in early November.

I have misplaced my beautiful new Canon camera.  As soon as I find it, I will post some photos!

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