Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I'm seeing red

and white!

I participated in a 5" red and white fabric swap.  My squares arrived over the weekend.  After seeing some of the red and white quilts that were on display a few months ago in New York, I was really excited about this swap.

I am thinking about a zig zag quilt. Some of the squares won't make it into my quilt.  Some are just too orange and some have other colors mixed in.  Most everyone understood the idea of red & white, some didn't.  I now have to cull, count all the squares and figure out how big the quilt will be.

There are not many duplicates and that is really nice.  There are some that are whimsical, some that are very graphic and some are simply gorgeous.

Now I have to decide if I am going to be REALLY lazy and just buy packs of Moda Bella White charm packs or cut all the white squares.  I don't like cutting but I am also not sure if any local shops carry the solid charm packs. I really want to get started on this quilt!


  1. Love the red and white color combo...it will be so pretty upon completion...what color are you going to do the binding? If I get a vote it would be - black.

    Question, are you washing the red fabric first...I would be afraid of dye run off...just a thought.

  2. Oh wow.......what awesome eye candy, I can see why you are excited to get started!!

  3. I loved the red and white quilt exhibit so much that we hung a red and white quilt block on our garage! I love those fabrics...can't wait to see your final result!

  4. Red... the best color in the rainbow :o)

    Are you coming to Odyssey?

  5. I, too, was in the exchange. I think I can use about 100 of the squares. Can't decide on the pattern so I'm anxious to see what you do.

  6. Wow ... love your red fabrics.

  7. I was in it too!!!! Not sure what I am doing yet.... some of those fabrics are just too fun!!!!


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