Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The "taking me forever" quilt

About 3 years ago, I decided to make my sister a quilt using fabrics that are totally in keeping with her decor and not my own. Maybe that is why it is taking me so long to make her quilt. It was supposed to be a Christmas present. Every few months she asks about her quilt. Now whenever I start a new project, she harasses me about the quilt. I really think all the points just got to me and I don't like making the little blocks. Here is where I am to date...sorta

There are another 5 blocks that are made and the only thing I need is one  more red star block.  I cannot find the "right" red fabric anywhere.  It is making me twitchy.  I went to my beloved Burkholder's yesterday and could not find what I wanted but ended up just settling with a piece that will have to do.  I am determined to get this completed by the weekend. 

And just because I love it so much, here is another bag that I finished

I could not love this fabric more!  I don't know if it is the subtle Asian influence or the contrast of red, beige and black but I love it.  This may just stay with me! 


  1. I love your Asian bag. And the quilt is very pretty; hope you can find your one more red

  2. Hi Rhonda... I think many of us have had a quilt(s) that we're not happy with/don't like colors, etc. My UFOs are not for gifts though, so I don't feel as harrassed or guilty as you probably do.

    Believe me, you will feel better about this quilt as soon as you finish it. So, I'd advise to do that soon.

    Have you thought of putting sashing around the blocks as they are?

    Good luck to you with this quilt!


  3. I had to laugh at the working name for this quilt. It sounds like a few of mine, That being said it is lovely and I'm sure your sister will adore it when it's finished.

    The bag fabric is fabulous. I can see why you love it. I do too!

  4. You always make the prettiest bags! Love them all!

    I really like that quilt too, looks like you almost have it finished. Hope you find the "right" red! :)

  5. Substitute "My friend" for "Your Sister" & I have the SAME story to tell! (Except that my blocks are easier! Faux log cabins.)

  6. I swear, that red, black, and beige will go with any outfit!

  7. I like the star quilt...can not wait to see the finished product!!! How have you been...I have been worried about you through all the PA flooding. But, I now know you are fine.

    THat bag is ga orgeous!!! Love the contrast, as well.


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