Monday, September 5, 2011

This Labor Day

I actually labored this 5am.  I woke up very early, made a pot of coffee and then started to put the trash on the curb.  As I pulled the plastic bag out of the kitchen trash can, I saw something wet at the bottom of the can...and now leaking onto my kitchen floor.  I quickly pulled a fresh bag from under the kitchen sink and placed the leaking bag into it.  Now for the nasty mess on the floor.  That wasn't too bad...but the kitchen trash can was a different story entirely.  Because it was raining, I put the trash can in the bathtub, rinsed, dumped the water in the toilet and then filled then can with hot, soapy water.  I scrubbed it and the lid, dried and placed it back in the kitchen.  Then I had to scrub the tub and clean the toilet.  All before 5:30.  That's more laboring today!

Yesterday I went to Burkholder's to search for some fabric to make a baby quilt.  This is the focal fabric that my customer choose

I think it has been in my stash for at least a couple of years.  The pattern that I am going to use only needs an additional 4 different fat quarters for the body of the quilt, a fairly narrow inner border and an outside border.  I know that I am going to use the focal fabric both in the body of the quilt and as the outer border.  Because I can't make up my mind about anything right now, I ended up with all this fabric

I had pieces cut for the inner border (4 pieces) and some of those are also fat quarters.  I won't use both in the quilt but this just indicates how wishy-washy I was with my fabric choices.  I think they all work so I am going to let my customer choose.  No additional thinking on my part!

I spent most of Sunday in the studio and worked on a couple more bags.  They are on the 3rd floor and I am on the first floor and I am way too lazy to go up and get them for a photo so I will do a "show and tell" next time I post.

I am taking a friend to Joann's today.  She is just beginning to sew and is armed with a coupon.  I just need to get several yards of fusible interfacing and some black thread.  I cannot believe how quickly I go through a big spool of black thread!

Hope you have a day off and the opportunity to do something fun!


  1. You have a great day too. Sorry you had to 'labor' this morning. Here's hoping your day is on the upswing. Well of course it will be! you are going shopping with a friend for fabric!

  2. Well, at least you had coffee. I woke up to NONE. Not happy about it either.

    Love, love, love the color selections...I would have a hard time choosing as well.

    Have fun today. Joann's with coupons is the way to go.

  3. Nothing beats walking into Joann's with a coupon! I really love your fabric choices. Hard decision! The focal fabric is particularly beautiful.

  4. Those fabrics are just yummy, your focal fabric is just out of this world...great taste. Lucky friend to have you around.

  5. Well that's quite a wake up! Hope the rest of your day went smoother.. I love Joannes with a coupon : ) Love those colors for a baby quilt! My first I did pastels purples, greens and blues.. If we have a number 2 I think I'm going pink and green!


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