Thursday, September 29, 2011

Quilt drama

I quilted and bound the “great-grandmother” quilt ( I have now determined that it was pieced by his great-grandmother and not grandmother) and put it in the washer to soak in some Oxyclean.  I hand agitated, let it spin out, threw in Wisk and hand agitated, spin, rinse (hand agitated again) and the final spin.  I pulled out the quilt and only one block plus part of another is coming apart. It is the same fabric in both. 

IMG_1313  I am now letting it dry and when I come home tonight I will figure out how to repair.
I used the suggestion to do an overall quilting pattern and I think it worked worked out well.  I made an attempt to quilt over the outside points of blocks to help secure them.  I also bound in black.  It actually looks surprisingly good all things considered.  Now – to just get it dry, repaired and in the mail!


  1. It does look wonderful!! I think most quilts would look good with either the loops or just a meander stitching design. After all, it's about the quilt, not the quilting. FABULOUS quilt!

  2. Thanks for the info! I love the black stitching!!


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