Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Couple of things

I participated in a 10" Kona square swap.  I now have 64 pieces of lovely Kona fabric in lots of luscious colors.  Now, what shall I do with them?  I am leaning towards using this pattern which I discovered (and subsequently purchased) after reading Nancy's blog post.

MAZED - Quilt Pattern

All solids might be very cool.  I am also thinking about just randomly choosing stacks of fabric and cutting them them in the traditional "stack and whack" style.  Another thought is a zig zaq quilt because I do love making half square triangles!  I will, no doubt, stew a while on this before picking up a rotary cutter.

Since we working on one painting project over the weekend and the kitchen was already a wreck, I decided to paint more.  If you care to see, I posted that project over on my other blog.

Em is making a sundress while she is here.  Did you know that sizing on women's dress patterns is pretty much what it was 30 years ago and not the "new" sizing in ready made?  Emily wears a 2 or a 4 so we picked up a multi-sized pattern.  We got it out and started looking at the pattern pieces.  I then decided to actually read the size info.  Ummm - if we cut out a size 4 from the pattern pieces Emily would not be able to get into the dress with a shoe horn and a quart of grease.  Turns out in pattern sizes, Emily is a 10.  Thankfully, we had enough fabric on hand to cut the 10.  More on that as we progress!


  1. Another thought is a zig zaq quilt because I do love making half square triangles!

    Did I really just read that?

  2. Are you going to Hershey? (I'm probably going to pass this year...)

  3. Complete WOW on the sizing. (Yes, I am now done commenting on this post.)

  4. I love the look of all those colours up against the grey . It's inspiring! Must put "make grey quilt" on my list..

    Pattern sizes always need some tweaking- but that seems like a lot of tweaking to do !

  5. Remember in the 1970's that chain of stores called "5-7-9 Shop"? Their tagline was "The small size specialist". Well, I don't think anyone thinks a 9 is so very small any more. And it isn't now, but back then it was, and a 5 was tiny! Size 0 didn't exist, I don't remember seeing a size 2, and even 4's were very scarce. I'm always amazed at size 0 clothes - talk about vanity sizing. "I'm so thin I don't even exist!" LOL

  6. A Kona swap? How did I miss that? I have this Maze pattern; it would look fabulous in solids!


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