Friday, November 16, 2012

Travel blankets

One of the women in S4 (my sewing circle) made travel blankets for her grandchildren.  They are made from  polar fleece or minky, have a short handle and fold into a pocket much like a quillow.  Since all of my grandchildren are traveling long distances to see their other grandparents for Christmas this year, I thought I would make one for each of them to snuggle with in the back seat.  I am spending Thanksgiving with all of them next week and want to have the blankets ready to deliver as a pre-Christmas gift from Grammy.

My stack of fabrics and a pinking blade for my rotary cutter.  The pinked edge looks so much nicer than a straight edge! (I used a coupon from Joann's to purchase mine.)  Each blanket takes a yard of fabric if you use the same fabric for blanket and pocket.  I purchased an additional half yard of coordinating fabric to use for the pocket though I will not need nearly that much fabric.
Tonight is the Friday Night Sew-in so I am hoping that will give me the push I need to get my project started and finished.  To that end, I am also planning to do my first tutorial. I know!  It will probably not be really pretty since I will be forced to use the flash on my camera.  I am sure I will be spending a lot of time with Picmonkey before I post any pictures!

If you want to participate in the sew along tonight, click on the icon on my sidebar. It will take you right to Heidi's page where you can link up.  It is also great way to find new blogs or other quilters that may be nearby.  I forgot to post where I am when I linked up but be sure to do that.  (I am very good with advice - I just don't follow it!)

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  1. Great site! So glad I found you via Sew many Ways! I'll visit often! Your blog title describes me perfectly! I love, loVE, LOVE quilts, but I'm a bit on the reluctant side to spend that much time at my sewing machine :o) Have a great day!


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