Friday, January 25, 2013

Have a Kindle or a Nook or a Kobo?

I received a Nook Tablet for my birthday a few months ago.  While I love the convenience of having a new book to read by just downloading, books for the Nook are fairly expensive.  I know I can download at the library but there still is not much of a selection from which to choose.

About The Cheap

Not long after I received my Nook, I discovered a blog that alerted me to free books, nearly free books and special deals on books all for my Nook.  Apparently there was some sort of a problem with Barnes & Noble so they revamped and now they mostly have books for the Kindle but some days still have books for the Nook and Kobo and even the iPad.  They provide links to books for children, teens & YA, Christian and inspirational, fiction, romance, etc.  Here's the link information:  The Cheap

If you have a Kindle, you are gonna love this site!


  1. Suzan, I have been downloading tons of books for my nook from I have more books than I will probably ever read, but I just keep downloading!

  2. Oh wow - thank you Suzan! I'll definitely use this with my Kindle.


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