Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!

I have started the new year with my favorite thing to do...sew!  This morning I pieced the front and back of a bag I am making for my sister and started a new quilt for me.  I am using this tutorial from the Moda Bake Shop and this lovely fabric.

I have two layer cakes and extra yardage for borders.  Since I am doubling the "recipe" I am not sure exactly how big this quilt will be.  I could do the math but then where is the surprise?!

Dinner tonight is at my parent's home.  Pork, sauerkraut and big mounds of buttery mashed potatoes is our Pennsylvania Dutch tradition to ring in the New Year.  Anyone else eating pork and sauerkraut?


  1. That's going to be one very nice-looking quilt. And good for you for making it for yourself! Happy New Year! (we had a pork roast with real mashed potatoes last night)

  2. I have bookmarked that pattern too, so I look forward to seeing how yours turns out! I love your choice of fabric. Happy New Year!

  3. Gonna be so nice!!! Can't wait to see it!!

  4. Love, love, love that fabric!


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