Sunday, April 28, 2013

Flinging Those Fat Quarters

I have broken the fat quarters into 3 groups - blue/green, brown and dark/mixed. Each bundle of 20 fat quarters is $20 and you pay the postage.  They won't fit into the flat rate flat envelope (I know because I tried!) but they will fit in one of the Tyvek envelopes and that rate depends on distance and weight. I would "guesstimate" about $10 for postage in the US but I will do whatever I can to make the rate as low as possible. Payment will need to be through Paypal or I can accept a credit card directly that I will run through the Paypal system.

Here's the blue/green group:

The brown/beige group

The dark/mixed group:  SOLD!!

The dark group has a few extra fat quarters in the mix.  I had a group of 4 that came in a bundle I bought last year and they have a camping theme.  The background color is a very dark navy which doesn't show very well in the photographs.

Thanks for looking.  I hope you see something you like that needs to move from my studio to yours!


  1. Pretty combos!! Good luck in your sales!!

  2. I am interested in the brown/beige set. Where exactly are they listed for sale? I can't seem to find them (maybe I just need more coffee, lol)


  3. I am interested in the blue group please. Do you want to send me a Paypal invoice? My Paypal email address is Hope they are still available ;)


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