Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Note to self

Never, ever put burlap in the washing machine again!

It looks like a wookie was in an incident with a lawn mower.  This is what happens when you try to get that smell out of burlap.  Next time I will just air it in the sunlight and hope for the best.

Off to vacuum the inside of the washer...


  1. When I saw the thumbnail photo of this on my blog sidebar, I thought you got a haircut! Whew! ;)

  2. My goodness! Glad to hear it's just burlap--at first glance I thought you'd shaved your head!

  3. Too funny!! I also thought someone had gotten a really short haircut!

  4. And if it doesn't explode into a bunch of wookie fur it shrinks like mad. Dont you recall the sad incident of my burlap cushion?


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