Saturday, June 22, 2013

Quick shopping trip

I got rolling pretty early this morning and got to Burkholder's just after they opened.  I saw in their ad that they had a new shipment of Westminster Fabrics.  Since Fabric Mart also just got a shipment I wondered if both shops had the same fabric.  Yep - though I did discover a couple of pieces that I had not seen at Fabric Mart.  The price at Burkholder's was higher but I really liked these and at $4.99 I couldn't go wrong.

Look at me buying bright fabric!!
Pretty, huh?  This will make a couple of really great looking bags.

Burkholder's also has a "round" of fabrics marked down to $1.99.  I picked out two that I liked.

I think I have an idea for these.  The purple is gorgeous.

My last purchase (and I got to use my discount coupon) was this charm pack.

I am a sucker for cardinals!

I am one of the hosts for a "Sew We Quilt"  blog hop next month.  Table runners and charm squares kind of go together.

So, have you done have any fabric shopping lately?


  1. Very pretty!! Nope no shopping here :(

  2. Nice finds Suzan!

    Im trying valiantly to be good here ...we have an overseas trip to pay for. I slipped really badly in early May and spend a small fortune on fabric.


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