Thursday, September 6, 2007

Last night I stitched the binding onto the tablerunner that I made for my sister's cabin, Bear Hollow. The piece is only about 40" x 14" but it took me nearly two hours to put the binding on. Because of the arthritis in my left thumb every 5 or 6 stitches I have to stop, stretch my hand and then pick up the project again. Drives me crazy! Anyway, the important thing is that another project is completely finished. Yay!! I think I will start on one of my many Christmas projects when I get home from work tonight.

My sister and I went to the new quilt shop on Saturday. The shop is very tiny and the quilt fabric selection is limited. I wasn't surprised by this as I know start up costs in opening a shop are pretty high, however, I am not sure why there are at least 20 bolts (taking up a lot of space) of polar fleece in the shop. You can pick up fleece at Joann Fabric. I like independent quilt shops because they generally carry a "better" line of fabric. The owner and helpers were relatively friendly but I certainly did not get a warm and fuzzy feeling of welcome. I registered for the door prize drawings. When I got home from work on Tuesday I saw that someone from the shop had called me twice. I can only assume that I won a prize. It was too late to get someone at the shop so I called, left a message on their answering machine and left my cell number so that they could call me on Wednesday. phone call to the cell and no phone call to my house. Now I am annoyed. If no one calls by today, I am going to put this shop on the bottom of my list!

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  1. Oh we have a shop like that here too. To add to the non-warm fuzzies they're always changing their hours. I haven't been in there in months and I don't recommend the shop to friends either.


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