Saturday, November 29, 2008

Black Friday has come and gone

and I still have money in my checking account! I skipped the 4am shopping this year. I think I learned my lesson last year at Target. The checkout line went completely around the inside of the building. I realized that there was NOTHING I wanted that badly! I love on-line shopping and with free shipping being offered by a lot of companies I think that for the few things I am purchasing, buying via the Internet is a good decision.

I did take my daughter-in-law and granddaughter to a couple of thrift and consignment shops. The little girl's Christmas tea is this afternoon and Em needed something to wear over her shoulders. The theme is a princess tea party so all the girls are wearing princess dresses. My granddaughter is wearing the dress that she recently wore in her aunt's wedding. Spaghetti straps look pretty but we thought she might be chilly so a shawl or wrap of some sort was our search item. We found one that made her happy. I bought a few Christmas plates for 50 cents a piece. I will put cookies and fudge on them to use as "treat" gifts for my neighbors. We spent a couple of hours poking around at 3 shops and had a good time. Best thing - no crazy crowds!

I must say that I am getting a little twitchy having been unable to sew or cut or quilt in the studio. Next time I think I will give my son and his wife my bedroom and sleep up there. Even if I don't sew, I will be able to look at fabric!

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  1. I have never shopped retail on Black Friday. Probably my fear of large crowds was, in the beginning, the primary reason, but I have trouble standing in one place for very long. It reminds me of going to an amusement and waiting in long lines. As I get older, it is only worse, as my body aches more, just in general.

    I'm with you! Internet shopping is awesome! The down side, however is, it is not good for the brick and mortar stores, but I really haven't shopped retail, anyway, for so many years, I'm not a factor in them making money anyway. With internet shopping, it sure is nice to be able to shop whenever the spirit moves, in the middle of the day, or the middle of the night (which seems for me, to be when I am up, whether I want to be, or not).

    I bet it was just a blast shopping at Goodwill with your DIL and granddaughter. I was a good girl, stayed home, and tore into the eBay room/Louie's office, and organized in there, which took me all day, so hopefully, we can get some 'junk' on eBay. Problem before was, nothing was identified, so we didn't know what we had, or where anything was. It sure did feel good when I was finally finished, and turned the light off.

    Have a wonderful weekend. I'm thinking I might need to do a little thrift store shopping today myself, with my best friend Louie. I don't need anything, and it wouldn't bother me to come home empty handed, but I just gotta look, and being we have to travel out of town to go 'Goodwill Hunting', maybe we'll just take in a Christmas movie.



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