Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Ugly rumor

There is an ugly rumor going around that Christmas is 6 weeks away. Oh, good grief! How can that be? The mystery quilt that I started for my son and his wife (to give them for Christmas this year) is still a mystery. I know I have all the fabric cut out but have NO IDEA where it is. My other son and daughter requested a large wallhanging for Christmas. They made the request around February so that I would have plenty of time. Have I started that one? Nooooo.... Do I know what I want to make? Noooo.... Michelle sent me a pattern that I just had to make. A sweet table topper. I was making it for myself. It has now become a Christmas present for my nephew and his fiance'. I still have to make 6 purse organizers, 3 pair of polar fleece lounging pants and 8 pair of flannel pajama pants.

I am pretty sure that I don't have anything "booked" for this Sunday. After about noon, you will find me locking in the studio and chained to the sewing machine.


  1. I'm sorry about the rumor, Suzan. ;-) I checked snopes for hoax verification, and it told me that rumor IS true. =-D Darn it anyway!

    Try to enjoy your Sunday afternoon, even though you will be working the sweatshop!


  2. LOL Although I can't laugh too much - I just found the pantograph that I bought about 2 months ago for practising on my frame - which was put up 3 months ago - with my 15" machine - purchased 6 months ago - and has any of the practising happened? NO. Sigh. Maybe I'll be able to manage a couple of coasters for Christmas - but I wouldn't count on it. ;-)

  3. Oh my gosh six weeks. Suzan you just made my heart stop.


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