Sunday, November 23, 2008

A little distraction

Know how I keep talking about locking myself in the studio? I really do mean it...but there are just so many distractions! Julie (quilty sister) and I went to Lancaster County to go grocery shopping yesterday at one of the "cheap" stores. On the way back, we pass by one of our favorite quilt shops so we had to stop in. Then since we were so close to another of our favorites we stopped in there, too.

I really wasn't going to buy anything except some fusible thread. Then I saw a quilt hanging on the wall that I thought would be PERFECT for my son and DIL so I had to buy the pattern book. Thankfully, there were not any other quilt shops on the way home so I took Julie to her house to drop off her groceries and go through her scraps. I need to make a turkey place mat for my grandson to match his sister's. I got everything I needed and then Julie asked if I would go to the mall with her to pick up something and then to another place to get a gift card. When I said that I really needed to go home, she got that woebegone look on her face so I caved and went with her. Did I mention that there is a TJ Maxx near the mall? We went there, too. We got home about 3pm (I left the house at 7:30am) so I did not sew for one minute yesterday! So much for planning...

Today the Society of Sexy Sewing Sisters is meeting so I know that I will get something done. It won't be much but it will be something! I am taking the place mat and some fabric to fuse for the purse organizers.

Hope you have a happy and productive day!


  1. Suzan,
    I'm sorry you didn't make a stitch yesterday when your intentions were good, but you just can't replace time spent with a sister or a good friend. It's medication for the soul, and if you didn't need it, just maybe she did. God works that way, you know.

    Have a wonderful time today with the 4S girls. You will go back to work on Monday feeling so blessed!

  2. I think you deserve a medal for living in the area you do and not buying more! It's just so darned hard to resist temptation!

  3. Do you ever go to Sauder's? I so like to shop in their grocery store... (They have a quilt shop too...)


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