Tuesday, August 18, 2009


See these pretty stitches?IMG_7154

See these ugly stitches?IMG_7152

See what I have been doing? 


All the way across this quilt I have been removing stitches.I know that quilting with batiks can be challenging but this is crazy.  On the first 8 inches across, the stitches looked fine.  I always go under the quilt and check for tension and thread issues.  There was a thread break so I re-threaded and started across the quilt.  About 3 inches from the other side the thread broke again and it looked “funny”.  On the underside the thread tension is on again, off again.IMG_7156

I ripped for 2 hours and gave up.  Hopefully I will get the last stitches out this evening and start over.  I really wanted to get this one done before I left for retreat.

On a happier note, the other quilt I loaded this past weekend is finished…including the binding!  As soon as it is washed and “crinkled” I will show you a photo.  I tried binding on the machine and it worked out great.  No aching thumbs!!


  1. i know nothing about batiks, why are they hard to quilt?

  2. I have had to do that more times than not...I feel your pain and frustration!

    It is beautiful though and I look forward to seeing your finished quilt, all crinkly.

  3. Your thread color looks great! Too bad the stitches are whacked. I hate having to rip, but it can be so much easier to do it while it is still on the machine.

    Good luck!

  4. Oh dear! I, too, feel you pain. Been there, done that, tore my hair out along with the threads.

  5. That is going to be one awesome quilt when you finally get it done.... It sure can be frustrating taking out stitches....I know...I think we all know.

  6. Love the colors, Suzan!!! And the variagated thread only adds to the beauty!

  7. So pretty! Do you machine quilt only for yourself?


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