Friday, August 21, 2009


We are off on retreat this weekend – the Society of Sexy Sewing Sisters.  This is our annual trip to Potter County.  We stay at my sister’s farm, eat too much, laugh a lot and sew until we are too tired to stay awake!  This year we are making the braided quilt that I made several months ago.  It is from Moda designers Basic Gray.  This is a link to the free patterns page at Moda.  Everyone except my sister is using batiks.  Julie is making one to use as a Christmas gift for my niece so her fabric choices reflect the colors in her daughter’s living room.  Everyone else bought Bali Pops.  I have so many pieces of batik that I cut up scraps and yardage from my collection.  It was a lot of cutting but I am sure it will be worth the effort. 

I still have to organize and pack for the trip.  (Nothing like waiting until the last minute!)  I also have to make lasagna for tonight’s dinner. I am going to make my recipe that uses uncooked lasagna noodles and lots of wine.  It will be pre-assembled so that all I have to do when we get on the mountain is pop it in the oven.  There will also be a simple salad, bread stuffed with Greek olives and dessert is Strawberry Daiquiris on the porch (thanks, Pam!).  Wonder how much sewing we will get done tonight?

At the farm, my bedroom is a little one at the top of the stairs on the second floor.  It is cute and tiny and has a wonderful old brass bed with the most fabulous mattress you can imagine.  Since I have not been sleeping particularly well at home, I am hoping to get some seriously good sleep in that bed.  I am also hoping that the coyotes are not howling behind the house again like they did last year!

I am taking my camera.  I may even take a couple of photos!


  1. Have fun

    Love and hugs Gina xxx

  2. Oh, it sounds absolutely wonderful! Have fun, and I can't wait to see pictures. Don't forget!
    be blessed,

  3. This sounds wonderful! Can I come too??
    Have fun. Looking forward to the pictures!

  4. Have a great time! And take pictures!!! I can't wait to see what you get done! And I hope that you can get some sleep, too.

  5. sounds wonderful! hope you are having fun

  6. Oh I hope you had a wonderful time. It sounds like so much fun Suzan.


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