Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Off the frame

I finished quilting the batik quilt last night.  It was a hard fought battle but I won!  I used the information I gathered and I only had one thread break.  I loosened the tension on the quilt which I imagine relaxed the fibers a bit.  I also slowed down…way, way down.  That was really difficult for me.  I am used to quilting at a standard (for me) pace.  What I discovered was that in slowing down, I lost rhythm and making circles is much easier for me at a higher rate of speed.  My loops took on a more ovoid shape than I wanted but at least it is finished.  I am disappointed because it is not my best work and I really wanted this to be perfect.  Though the quilt would never go with my decor, it is one that I really loved making and it will still be difficult to give away! 

I had my camera with me and should have taken photos as I was taking it off the frame.  I would have done that if I had REMEMBERED I had the camera with me.  It was late, I was tired and I just wanted to go home.  As soon as it is bound (probably not until next week) I will post photos.  Thanks to all of you who commented words of encouragement!

I am making bags this morning and I guess every morning until November.  I have 5 orders for right now and I still have another 75 to make for the show.  Originally I was going to only take 60 but I was told they have around 2,500 people come through over the weekend and I don’t want to run out of inventory on the first day.  I just hope I don’t come home with 50 of them in the car.  Now THAT would hurt my feelings!


  1. Glad you got it done and sorry you are frustrated. Consider this a lesson learned. What bags are you making and for what show? Sounds ineresting.. I must have missed this in an earlier post.


  2. 75? 75????? Ye gads, woman, are you a glutton for punishment? I hope these are easy to sew!

  3. I would have loved to have seen a picture....and good luck making bags....that is alot to do.

  4. how many bags??? lol

    congrats on finishing!

  5. I remember when you were having trouble with broken threads a while back. Well I was thinking "hmm I've never had that". Well this new expensive thread I bought is terrible for machine quilting. I thought it was my machine that was giving me fits. Turns out it is the thread for me this time. I went back to thicker signature thread and I'm fine. I know now the frustration when the thread keeps breaking!!!!


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