Sunday, November 22, 2009

Craft Show Day 1

Our trip to Virginia was uneventful and I barely made my mother work.  Her principal job on the trip down was keeping me hydrated with Diet Mountain Dew so that I would stay awake.  I only slept a few hours on Thursday night so the 7 hour drive was a killer.  As her first reward, I treated my mom to dinner at one of my favorite Mexican restaurants in Chesapeake. 

Once we arrived at my son's house, we finished working on tags and bag buttons and got ready for Saturday.  Again, I could not sleep.  I was so afraid that I didn't have enough bags, they were not good enough, my display would be crappy, etc. 

I arrived at the venue and was overwhelmed.  This show is HUGE!  There were so many booths and they were all decorated and set up beautifully.  I had a table, a pot rack and a basket hanging rack.  Oh, dear!  I did the best I could with tablecloths, quilts and tablerunners and then I was off to pick up my mother and the bags.  Momma stuffed them with newsprint (thank you nice man at U-Haul!) as we were driving back to the show.  I put them into large packing boxes and loaded them onto the folding cart my son loaned me.  We put everything out and here are a few photos

A couple of hours later, Chad arrived with his family and a surprise for me

Isn't he a sweetheart?!

Sales were slow going but I have sold enough at this point to cover my costs so that is terrific.  I had a lot of people touching the bags and telling me they were beautiful but not nearly as many actually purchasing any!  I thought about lowering my prices but only for a moment.  I worked hard on producing this bags, I have used quality materials and they ARE beautiful. 

Today the show starts at noon and only runs until 4pm.  The woman at the booth next to me has done these shows before and told me that Sunday sales are pretty good. 

Y'all keep sending happy thoughts and I have every confidence a lot more bags will be gone by this evening.  Mama needs some new shoes!


  1. Praying there will be lots of buyers for you today. Your bags are beautiful. Think happy thoughts. Hoping for you that you come home bagless.
    be blessed,

  2. Your display looks awesome!! Hooray on the big sign! Good luck today!

  3. I think your display looks nice! Good luck with your sales!

  4. The booth looks great and I just know more bags will sell today. It's a quality product and the real shoppers will be out today.

  5. Your booth looks good....and so if on saturday you covered your cost...Sunday will be gravy for you!! Good luck today!

  6. The boooth looks great and I love the sign. I hope you had a great day on Sunday

    Love and hugs Gina xxx


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