Wednesday, November 25, 2009

No place like home...

So, you know how big designers have "trunk shows"?  I am not a big designer so I am having "big brown box" shows!  I took all of my bags into the office yesterday and (with permission) set them up in one of the small conference rooms.  A 350 mile drive from home and I sold 11 bags.  A 20 minute drive from my house and I sold 5 bags yesterday with an option on a 6th!  I boxed them all back up again and they are making the trek to my sister's office on Monday.  "Have packing box, will travel!"

I cleaned the studio last night and turned it into a dorm for the grandchildren.  I have large plastic totes with toys in the eave storage closet so they will be easily accessible.  They have a television with DVD player and a VCR and access to the computer.  I think that will keep them entertained.  The studio is warm and cozy and I hope they will want to keep the toys confined to this room.  I lowered the cutting table to regular height so that the children could color or draw.  I think I am ready!

Ms. Em and I are going to pick up some wire and chain this afternoon so the guys can hang the chandelier in the dining room on Thursday morning.  Em is going to help me with Thanksgiving preparation this afternoon/evening.  We need to get all of the Thanksgiving side dishes prepared and refrigerated...and bake a pecan pie and coconut cake...and make up the top bunk bed...and change the sheets in my bedroom...and dust and vacuum the living room & dining room...and wash the kitchen floor...

Good grief!  Why am I just sitting here?!!


  1. Happy Thanksgiving Suzan. Hope you have a lovely day.

  2. What a great idea on the Brown Box Show...That is just awesome.

    Have a grand time with your family and a very Happy Thanksgiving.

    {{I am VERY proud of you}}

  3. You are just 'resting' to try to come up with more energy for all you have to do. You know that in a very short time, life will get crazy for a few days. Don't beat yourself up.

    So glad to hear about your sales 'back home'. Keep your chin up, and have a wonderful Thanksgiving.
    be blessed,

  4. Sounds like you have great plans for Thanksgiving and for your bags! Good luck with the bags and enjoy your weekend with your family!


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