Sunday, November 29, 2009

Post Thanksgiving...

We had a wonderful, crazy Thanksgiving celebration at my house.  We had a turkey and a ham and we all ate too much.  My dear daughters-in-law did all the after dinner cleanup.  Bless their hearts!  We let dinner settle for a while and then all piled into the car with desserts.  Our tradition includes all going to my sister's home on Thanksgiving night for dessert and Black Friday shopping planning sessions.  I ate a piece of pecan pie, lemon pie and coconut cake.  Yummy!!  We read through all the ads and though I enjoyed hearing what strategies were going to be implemented, Black Friday shopping was something I just didn't want to do.

My 2 sisters were shopping at 4am on Friday.  After all the holiday preparations, I was happy to just stay in early on Friday morning.  My grandson requested cinnamon rolls for breakfast so I got up a little before 6 to start the dough.  By the time everyone was up and about, the house smelled heavenly.  Chad and Amy went to the mall for a few doorbuster specials...left at 7 and were back here at 8:30.  They were in and out and got everything they went to purchase.  Later in the morning all the "girls" ventured to Lebanon County for some shopping.  2-1/2 hours later we were finished and returned to my house for lunch.  Napping was the plan for the afternoon.  I couldn't fall asleep but crashed on the couch for a while.  I needed the rest! 

My darling boys hung the chandelier in the dining room.  It turned into a major project and I am surprised they are still talking to me!  It does look terrific and I am so pleased with the result.  They also installed a dimmer switch, fixed the kitchen faucet (again!) and helped with dishes.  It was nice not having to touch any garbage bags - man work!

They left around 8:30 this morning and I had my usual sob fest.  I can be brave for about the first 3 hugs and then I slowly end up sobbing on the last poor soul I hug!  I walked them out to the car and then came back into the house, sat on the couch and just cried for a while.  I feel better now.  I have been doing laundry and doing some "straightening up".

Back into the studio later today.  I have some Christmas fabric I am turning into sweet Christmas tote bags.  I am making some that are mother/daughter size.  Too cute!  I also have 2 custom order bags that I want to make this week and get out in the mail.  I bought a jelly roll of Moda dark marbles that are perfect for a quilt I want to make as a Christmas gift.  I think I will cut out the blocks on that so that with very little effort I can have quilt top ready in a few days.

Hope you have a lovely Sunday!


  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful time. Cherish those memories. Hopefully, the christmas music and anticipation of the holiday with keep you 'high' all month long.
    be blessed,

  2. I love the new look of the blog. The text is much clearer.
    Glad you had a nice holiday with family. Isn't having good strong men to help a wonder. My son is out raking and bagging leaves right now...will wonders never cease?

  3. Glad you had such a wonderful time!!

  4. Having family like that just makes for such wonderful memories...makes me somewhat envious...but that is for another time and place.

    Getting the light up and faucet fixed just means more money in your pocket...if you would have had to hire it done...the boys just more proficent at that type of work.

    Have a fun week!


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