Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Is my hair on fire yet?

Two days before Christmas and I just got a last minute request for a weekender bag.  I haven't made my sister's gifts.  I haven't decided on a gift for my father.  I just realized that I "forgot" one of my nieces.  I have two large piles of laundry to do.  My kitchen looks like Martha Stewart had a melt down in it.

So - what did I do last night?  I turned on all the lights in my little Christmas village houses, lit the candles in the windows and turned on Christmas carols.  'Cause I really just needed to calm down, relax and enjoy.

I am planning on freaking out late this evening...


  1. You may burn the midnight oil but you will get it all done...perhaps a bit frazzeled to say the least.

    Merry Christmas

  2. you sound like me lol. i got 7 things finished yesterday(they all still need bound!) and i was planning on starting mom's quilt today but i had an idea for something else so i did that instead lol.

    we are having Christmas Eve and Christmas here; i have no baking, house is no where near clean but i am doing laundry right now

    sometimes you just have to take time for you! good luck finishing!

  3. If it's any comfort I'll be sewing late into the night myself to get two more things done.


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