Thursday, December 3, 2009

Somebody needs to stop me!

Guess where I went?  Yes!  Back to the cheap fabric store.  Fabric Mart (in Sinking Spring) now has ALL of their quilter's cottons on sale at $1.99 a yard.  Admit it - wouldn't you go?  I bought 12 yards of beautiful fabric for quilt backings.  (I would show it to you but I haven't dragged it up to the studio yet!)  I also found these pieces for bags/purses/totes as well as some additional Moda "Peace on Earth" fabric to add to my collection.

I could have done some serious damage...again.  You cannot believe how much fabric they still have left.  I know that they have finished bringing all of it up from the basement.  There is still Moda, Free Spirit, Rowan, Makower, etc.  If you live near Berks County, PA go to Fabric Mart.  Really.  They just dropped the prices all the way down the other day so for the best selection, go soon.  Here's the new buzz - they bought out another on-line quilt shop and they are bringing in more fabric in January.  Not this much inventory but I am sure that is why they have dropped the prices so low. 

Now I have to sit back down at the sewing machine and start working on bags again.  I managed to cut out two yesterday morning but this morning I am not feeling it.  I will be doing some serious work over the weekend.  (Jan and Dee - bags next week!!)

Thanks for reading and have a great day!


  1. I love your choice of colors, and color combinationa. Good bargains!
    be blessed,

  2. great fabrics! i would be totally out of control in that store lol

  3. I went twice recently. The other day I was there when it was 2.99 or finish the bolt for 1.99. But I had to go back for 1.99, I bought 10 yards cause that's all the cash I had in my purse. I got the same maroon one as you, second from bottom on left. I hope to go back tomorrow if time allows.

    How exciting that they bought out another online store, can't wait to see it!

  4. Oh my - lovely fabrics - what danger!!!

  5. What a deal! Glad you found it even if I didn't get any! giggle!
    How are you not just tired of making bags? You're a bag machine! Way to go!

  6. I don't blame you one little bit. I'm just jealous that I didn't live closer so I could come with you!

  7. I don't blame you either! I look for bargains quite often......even more than I
    You can find great fabric almost anywhere! Way to go!!!!!!


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