Monday, December 28, 2009

Post post Christmas

You know how plans change?  Yesterday my quilty sister, my scrappy sister and I went shopping.  We didn't get to Lebanon.  We went in the opposite direction with my scrappy sister's intent to go to Target as her daughter said they still had Christmas stuff.  Nothing there really sent me around the bend so I ended up buying body wash ('cause I needed it) and a throw rug for the front porch.  Next was Michael's.  Two rolls of very thin brown satin ribbon (for Hazelnut Hill labels) and that was it.  The next stop was going to be Joann's but we drove past another Target first so we had to stop there.  Again - nothing exciting.  Then it was decided that Big Lots should be on our list of "stop & shop" so we zipped in there.  MOTHER LODE!!  I got a huge bag of bottle brush Christmas trees, DVDs, a Christmas rug for my kitchen and I don't even remember what else.  We were in there forever.  Sisters snatched up lots of goodies as well.  Finally we ended up at Joann's and I got fabric (surprise!) to make napkins for my Christmas tea next year and two country French wine label plaques for my kitchen because they were on clearance and clearance stuff was half price.  Finally because it was on the way out of town, we stopped at AC Moore.  I found a couple of things including a bag of "snow".  (Hmmm - bottle brush trees and fake snow.  I think there is a craft there somewhere!)

Thanks, Sissywickens and CeeCee.  I had a great time!!


  1. How fun!!! I would love to go after Christmas shopping but....don't have room in my year!!

  2. And now you need to go to Sauder's because I heard there is a truckload sale there again this week ;)

  3. Sounds like a great time was had and some wonderful things to use in the future.


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