Tuesday, December 15, 2009

What I do when I get up at 2:30am

I read blogs.  I read lots and lots of blogs.  I am inspired by some, in awe of some and some just make me shake my head.  Lately I have been looking at beautifully decorated homes and incredible handmade gifts.  I start to feel badly about myself and my thrown together Christmas decorating and I remember how wonderful our home looked when I was fortunate enough to not have to work a "regular" job.  After I finish feeling sorry for myself, I think about the fact that I do work 40+ hours a week outside the home, work unknown hours for Hazelnut Hill and I still manage to get some decorating done.  Every once in a while I have to give myself the "you go, girl" pep talk.  Do you ever feel that way?

Writing about being inspired, have you seen the great recipes for sugar scrubs as gifts?  I am going to make them for my nieces for Christmas.  (This image is from C&H Sugar.  They have some great ideas here including appropriate gift tag printables.)  I already have most of the ingredients in the house and just need to pick up some essential oils.  Yes, I do realize that Christmas is only a little over a week away but I work best under pressure!  I am making two other gifts for my sisters and that is it.  Well, that isn't exactly true.  I am also making gifts for my grandchildren but I won't see them until Epiphany so that gives me nearly 3 weeks to have them finished.  (We believe in using ALL the 12 days of Christmas in our family!!)


  1. What a lovely idea!! Hmmm...I must think about the sugar scrubs.

    I hope to not be one of the blogs that you shake your head at in the very near future!! I am trying! LOL

    I like to use all 12 days of Christmas as well.

  2. Hi Suzan,
    The bag came and it's fabulous! I'm having a really hard time wrapping it up to give away...hmmmm. Seriously, it's beautiful and the check is in the mail to you.
    I know you must be shaking your head at my "late" blog. With all that is going on I just never find time to write and then I think it's all to blah to talk about without any sewing happening.
    Sugar scrubs are fun and smell great. They will love them.
    Sometimes I wonder about all the obligations of the holidays-we lose the ability to relax & enjoy it. Ah Well...next year..Riiiight


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