Thursday, January 14, 2010

Back to "Blogland"

Another extended absence from blogging - I took several days off from work and went down to Virginia to visit my children.  It was a lovely visit.  Nothing better than getting a "Good morning, Grammy" to start my day!

So, there is a "sew in" this weekend.  I thought about it but haven't decided.  I am torn between laying around surrounded by books all weekend and sewing.  If I sew, I am going to have to organize the studio first and that will be a monumental task.  And, seriously - someone has GOT to clean my house and put away Christmas.

Yes, I said "put away Christmas"!  I leave everything out until Epiphany (Jan 6th) and then I usually put it all  away the following weekend, do some serious cleaning and put out transitional decor items.  This past weekend I was in Virginia so that didn't happen.

I need fairies to come in the middle of the night and take care of a few things.  Some days I wish my life were a Walt Disney cartoon!


  1. Welcome back - but you have been enjoying being with family...that was good dose of medicine for sure.

    Enjoy the weekend - cleaning house or sewing.

  2. I recently went to a sew-in and had a great time. It's also nice to have your own sew-in at home....tough decision. Have fun in whatever you decide to do. I'll send my magic wand right over to help with the Christmas items.

  3. If that fairy does come to your house could you ask her if she'd like to stop in at my place? I did manage to get all of the decorations put away and now it looks dull in here. Time for some new wall hangings.

  4. Have fun with that - I just got ours put up last weekend and now the house feels huge and bare.


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