Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Getting ready for the tax man

This is what I have been doing…IMG_7465folding Hazelnut Hill fabric so that I can determine an expense and inventory figure.IMG_7466 This is only a portion of the fabric.  These are cuts between 1/2 and 2 yards.  I have 2 plastic stacking boxes with pieces less than a yard and another with useable scraps.  I decided to re-organize the studio…again.  I think I needed to do it anyway because of taxes so I am separating Hazelnut Hill fabric from quilting fabric and setting up two different work areas. 

What I have discovered is that in addition to all my bag making fabrics I have an inordinate amount of quilting fabric stash at this point and it is making me feel very guilty.  I am going to go by Joann’s this afternoon and ask for about 10 empty bolt cardboard thingies.  The number of pieces of fabric I have that are significantly over 3 or 4 yards is crazy!  I think I may have lost my mind just a little bit when Fabric Mart had all that wonderful quilting fabric on sale.  Once it all dropped to $1 a yard, I lost all self control.  (Not that I have that much!)  No more shopping unless it is to finish something already started.  I have quilt tops that need to be quilted, quilt tops that are in production (and have been for nearly a year!) and assorted PIGS that absolutely must be completed.  I also know that until I have this mess straightened out, I will be unproductive. 

What I needed was a good kick in the pants and I think I gave myself one.  Ouch!


  1. Such beautiful wonder you wanted it.

    I am with you in the amount of fabric. I have enough for quilts to make at least 40 quilts - then the scraps could make more.

  2. The fabrics you have are absolutely stunning. You should be a fabric buyer for a quilt shop!


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