Sunday, January 3, 2010

Bring on the New Year!

I am not going to do a duplicate post so if you would like to read about my thoughts regarding the new year, please go to my other site, "I was just thinking...".

On to other things...

Wanda from Exuberant Color had a give away on her post several weeks ago.  I adore her use of color and her quilts are just so much fun!  I won a bundle of batik scraps.  I have been playing around with them a little bit.  I have no idea what the end result will be but here is what I have done so far.  There are lots and lots of more strips to use so this quilt top will grow and grow.  I am thinking about doing something a little "edgy".  (Well, as edgy as I can be!)  This may end up with some log cabins thrown in for good measure and maybe some simple strip blocks.  The really nice thing is being able to play with someone else's scrap stash.  Thanks again, Wanda!!  (By the way, the blocks are laid out on my design futon!)

Is it really cold wherever you are?  Zowie!  It is crazy cold here and the wind is just howling.  I took two Nyquil cold capsules before I went to sleep last night or I am sure I would have never slept through the night.  Downside of the Nyquil is that it takes so long to get out of my system and I am a little (!) groggy this morning.  Even after two cups of Kenya AA coffee (purchased the other day at the Green Dragon and so, so good!) I am still feeling really drawn to head back to my bed.

Last thing - I have written before about how much I love Burkholder's Fabric store in Denver (Pennsylvania).  For years it was my favorite shop.  A few years a couple of women bought the shop and really updated the facility, started having classes, were available for color and fabric selection, etc.  In the past year, we had noticed that the shelves were looking pretty sad.  The color walls were sorely depleted and new fabric was in short supply.  I actually overheard 2 women talking and one whispered "Maybe they are going out of business".  We discovered just the other day that the business has now reverted to the prior owner.  My sister and I went in yesterday to check things out.  Already there is a huge improvement in the number of bolts.  One of the women at the counter told us that the new owner is committed to bringing Burkholder's back to its original state.  I am really torn about that.  The original Burkholder's was just a fabric store.  Great prices and lots of variety but no one was a real quilter and it didn't have the typical "quilt shop" feel.  When the woman quilters bought the shop it began to feel like a real quilt shop with classes, great sample quilts and a lot of energy.  I am going to miss that.  And I have to be honest, I am really going to miss the 12% guild member discount!!


  1. Oh gosh, I'm so glad to hear about Burkholders. I loved that place and fortunately(from your comments)I couldn't get there for the last couple of years. Now I will look forward to visiting again in the spring.
    I remember when we found Sauders(now Z&S) years ago on Muddy Creek Rd. I'm going back nearly 20 years. There wasn't a sole in sight and I had the place to myself on weekdays. Wow, was that fun. Bolts & bolts and the prices...sigh.
    By the way, I use an occasional Benadryl that way and the next day is a little fuzzy. I can relate. It's about 20 right now and the wind howled all night. I have a white-noise machine that helps a lot.
    Hope you enjoy your "edgy" outcome.

  2. It is a hard thing for quilt stores too, I guess. Maybe the new owner will keep some of the old and marry the two ideas. I hate when a store I like changes like that. I love the scrappy blocks. So much color.


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