Friday, May 21, 2010

So lame

This is all I did for the sew in

I made a valance for the shower curtain in my bath to lighten and brighten for the summer.  I really did have some good intentions but I didn't stay up late enough last night to watch "Grey's Anatomy" so I watched on Hulu this evening.  I was so entranced that I couldn't do anything else.

(Good grief! Was that intense or what?!  They killed off two of my least favorite actors in the show...but I was hoping Teddy would be included in the mix.  By the way, this is one of the ways that you can tell I don't have a life! ... )

I did cut out a purse that I am making for a friend and I basted the Quilts for Kids quilt but I am not about to try to quilt that tonight.  My eyes are already tired and free motion quilting could easily result in sewn fingers!


  1. Your so right about Grey's my hubby and I were both on the edge of our seats .

  2. I'm kinda glad Teddy didn't kick the bucket, otherwise Christina would be forever wondering if Owen really loved her. This way he had to choose.

  3. Suzan,

    This is how lame I am - I dont even watch Grey's Anatomy and after your post I googled the episode re-cap to see who died.

    I think your Valance finish was a lot more than I did...congratulations!

  4. I am in suspense now! We are behind in Australia - now I will be waiting to see who is killed of!

    Love your valance - simple projects are always the best.


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