Thursday, August 11, 2011

A couple of finishes

I have been busy in the studio since Emily left.  I finished two commissioned bags (and totally forgot to take photos) and then made a quilt for a co-worker (and also didn't take a photo of that!)  I made these two since the weekend.

The large bag is a variation of my "Bella" bag.

The smaller bag was for a co-worker.  She wanted something to take her lotions and goggles when she goes to tan. 

Everyone is happy with their bag and that makes ME happy!  This weekend I am going to stitch more of my red & white blocks and may actually be ready to assemble the quilt.  Burkholder's has 30% off jelly rolls right now (in store only with a coupon) and I am so tempted to go pick up 3 Sister's "Grace".  They also have a sale online so if you are looking for some fabric at great prices check them out!


  1. They're both beautiful Suzan and I'm sure will be much loved (and used ) by their owners.I love the first one-gorgeous colours!

    I forget to take pictures of creations frequently too....

  2. LOVE the bags!! The blueish one is REALLY cute!


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